Allegheny national forest. Photo by Jim White.

Old Forge, NY. Photo by Jim White.

To reach





Is a goal necessary?

Questions lead to answers lead to another level of question. The real one.

Opening up the window to let fresh air inside.

To aim high or align with the desire that is already within.

Chasing an image. Is it real? Maybe, maybe not.

Too much mind. Not enough heart.

Aimless. Play. Floating about like a bird. What is the bird’s aim as it soars above?

It’s not good or bad to embrace a goal. Where does it lead?

Follow along to observe the origin and unfolding.

Forcing a goal onto…

Lake George, Adirondacks. photo by Jim White

If you’re a creator, sometimes you get stuck on certain ideas of what you are supposed to do.

How you should present yourself to the world.

These concepts can hinder creativity. Often, they block you completely. You sit there stuck. A part of you wants to let loose, while the other surface level craves acceptance, appreciation, rewards of some sort.

Deep below these limitations there is a flow. Natural and untouched by society and the masses.

I’ve found this to be essential in my own creations.

Like this post, for example. I opened this page and felt a heavy weight…

Photo of Adirondack highway by Jim White

Sprawling. Speeding. Scattered. Smeared like fresh ink on paper. This mind goes and goes and goes however it sees fit.

What say do you have in this mind movement?

The rush hour drains power.

Grants you an edge, a crank, an old machine that needs some oil.

In an instant you can make a shift.

What is it, you wonder?

Quick, give me the tip so I can move along and try it later…

This mind will keep on roaring, growling, panting, drooling and offering itself a soothing solution that leads back to rush hour in a repetitive pattern set…

Jim White

Creation is the way. Transformation today. Metamorphosis play. Onward. To lay out in desert degree.

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