Jim White
Feb 14, 2022


Essence of essential meaningless substance matters most likely yet pointless in pointing towards IT

Photo by the author

Per chance to awake

A dance upside down under lake

Towards a moon slice in question mark

Why essence gives way to substance obscure like cloud formation

Annihilation of preconceived potion notion

A developing story

Morning two by four glory

Caterpillar smoke rising like fog mountain texture

Amalgamation clip directs

Elemental uprooted montage sway

Beginning shot mirrors ending pot boiling into a ceiling fan hula-hoop crawling creature

On edge of backflip & dust drop from cliffhanger momentum

An occasion to mark calendar with

Like butterfly eyes in sunrise communion.



Jim White

Creation. Transformation. Metamorphosis play. Onward. To float over desert expanse, on a breeze.