How to STOP overthinking your fitness plan

Jim White
2 min readFeb 13, 2018

There are people who have NO clue what to do and how to start.

Then there are those who know TOO much and can’t make up their mind what is BEST..

This article is for the folks who know about all kinds of programs and can’t decide which to start with.

First off, I can sympathize. There are so many options, it can be confusing.

What’s best?

Will that work for ME?

That program is only for athletes..

I saw (insert celebrity name here) do this program…

Isn’t that just for men?

Will that make me bulky?

On and on it goes…

It’s no wonder you have a difficult time getting started. There’s SO MUCH information available now.

Back when I started working out there were muscle magazines and the big older dudes at the gym.

Not much info but people still got strong and in great shape.

Just start.

This is the key for you. Stop reading articles in magazines or online. (not this one yet :) )

Get moving.

Do a bodyweight workout at home. Go for a brisk walk twice a day.



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